Waterproof Membrane for Shower ,tile underlayment,bathroom walls

Waterproof Membrane for Shower ,tile underlayment,bathroom walls

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Brand Name︰Runwei or Customers

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Waterproof membrane with Polyethylene and polypropylene polymer 




High-quality material that lasts long. The waterproof layer is made of modified polyethylene with non-woven polypropylene on both sides, this structure makes it easy to attach the tile layer to the mortar, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting waterproofing solution.


Preventing leakks by creating a completely airtight seal that eliminates any air leakage. It adheres securely to both concave and convex surface, maintaining its shape during transitions.



  1. Specification:200g/m2-2000g/m2
  2.  width: 1.0m -1.8m
  3. Length: 100m/50m
  4. the color: according to needs to produce any color




Non - toxic, no pollution, enviromental protecting product

Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, especial direct adhesion to cement material in its curing process

Tough, impermeable, multilayered sheet

High tensile strength, good cold flexibility


Versatile Usage


Suitable for a variety of applications including residential and commercial flooring, walls, tiles, showers, steam rooms, bathrooms, bathtub surrounds, enclosed balconies, kitchens, laundry room, living rooms, dining rooms, and more


This waterproof membrane demonstrates remarkable sticking ability.


Payment Terms︰ T/T or LC at sight

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