Self Adhesive Bitumen tape with aluminum foil

Self Adhesive Bitumen tape with aluminum foil

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Product Description

Aluminum foil laminated self-adhesive bituminous tape, extremely resistant to weathering, UV rays and aging, with high adhesion strength to almost all construction substrates.

Properties of self-adhesive bitumen tape:

  • very high adhesion strength to many construction bases and surfaces;
  • excellent resistance to atmospheric influences;
  • exceptional durability;
  • resistant to low and high temperatures (from -20ºС to +80ºС);
  • high elasticity and excellent flexibility;
  • easy to use.

What is self-adhesive bitumen tape?

bitumen tape with aluminum foil is a cold self-adhesive waterproofing tape based on bitumen modified with elastomers. The tape is laminated with a tough, weather-resistant colored aluminum foil, which ensures its exceptional durability, protection against aging and UV rays, as well as the ability to select the color according to the application.

The tape is designed to isolate expansion, construction and any other joints of various buildings. It is used for sealing skirting boards, chimneys, drainpipes, corners in walls, joints between walls and metal structures, etc. Placed in the corners of sanitary premises, it prevents moisture from escaping under the tiles. It covers any cracks and connections of facades and can serve as a secondary barrier against moisture. It is suitable for repair work on roofs and sealing skylights, chimneys, bituminous membranes, streets, drainage pipes, holes for antennas, ventilation and other openings and many others.

bitumen tape with aluminum foil has exceptional heat and cold resistance (from -20°C to +80°C). The tape is very flexible and sticks directly to any substrate. Due to its high flexibility and ease of use, it can be used in all weather conditions, and its great adhesive ability makes it ideal for insulating and protecting any surface - plastic, metal, wood, marble, ceramics, glass, concrete, stone, masonry and etc. 

The underside of the tape is protected with an easily removable high-density polyethylene film, which retains its adhesive properties throughout the shelf life.


Depending on the width of the joint and the overlap area


  • Roll 10 m with a width of 5 cm.
  • Roll 10 m with a width of 10 cm.
  • Roll 10 m with a width of 15 cm.
  • Roll 10 m with a width of 30 cm.


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