PP PE wateproof membrane

PP PE wateproof membrane

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Product Description

PP and PE polymer waterproof membrane  



With polyethylene type polymer synthesis material as its main waterproofing layer and roof underlayment, HY 120 series polymer compound waterproof membrane is a new type waterproofing membrane, compounding ageing resistance layer, bond strengthening layer with polypropylene nonwoven cloth by automatic production line.



1.Weight :200g/m2-2000g/m2

2.width: 1.0m -1.8m
3.Length: 100m/50m

4.the color: according to needs to produce any color



Non - toxic, no pollution, enviromental protecting product

Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, especial direct adhesion to cement material in its curing process

Tough, impermeable, multilayered sheet

High tensile strength, good cold flexibility



This product is suited to use in civil or industrial buildings, for waterproofing of roofs,basements, ground, indoor floor, toilets, ponds, reservoirs, tunnel, bridges and anti - pollution in metallurgy, chemical industry, especially used in toliet & underground garage



The application is simple and of no-pollution. It is mainly used in the middle of building for waterproofing, on this layer, other layers of protection and decoration are needed.


When application, pour the adhesive materials homogeneously on the smooth roof deck, then roll the membrane to make it fully adhered to the deck.


The adhesive materials are usually made from water. 425# cement and 107# or other building glue at the volume rate of 3:6:1  


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